Aamir Khandwala Interior Design



For Aamir Khandwala, design has the power to capture ineffable qualities of experience. In that moment when clients open the door to their dreams fully formed, their joy and the realization of their aspirations are the greatest measures of his success.

Aamir calls upon a richly varied body of artistic and personal influences to inform his work. He does not, however, believe in frivolous eclecticism. Aamir is a rigorous editor who prefers to emphasize essential pieces that speak to his client’s sensibilities. He is equally adept at guiding the most discerning individuals in realizing their visions as those embarking on their first decorative forays. Whatever the project, it always begins with listening and intuiting the needs of his clients and their spaces. From there, it is a collaborative journey to uncover how design will enrich the lives and souls within.

Aamir lives at the intersection of many worlds. Born and raised in the cosmopolitan melting pot of Karachi, it was evident from an early age that interior design was his calling. A young Aamir was invariably rearranging the furniture in his family home and scouring local markets for hidden treasures after school. He came to New York to earn his degree in Interior Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, after which he began a fifteen year career at the office of design legend, Robert Couturier. As Head of Decoration at Couturier, Aamir successfully led multi-million dollar luxury residential projects, traveled the globe, and honed a unique aesthetic sensibility.

Aamir’s work has been featured in Elle Décor, Modern Magazine, New York Magazine, The New York Post and New York Spaces. He was named one of the “Ones to Watch” in Architectural Digest for his signature style and fresh approach to interiors. A commitment to harmony, timelessness, and individuality are the hallmarks of his eponymous design firm.